Best Diets for Senior Citizens

Best Diets for Senior Citizens

Best Diets for Senior Citizens............

With increasing age and the need for long-term health threat on the horizon, their food more often than not require a degree of adaptation. These changes result from a slow digestive system, poor health, poor oral health, or changes in the sense of taste and smell, just to name a few.

Seniors best diets for elderly

So what should senior citizens to pay special attention when it comes to their dietary needs? One of the most important points is to ensure that they get enough of certain vitamins and minerals.

In addition to older people, the feed:

    * Calcium: While especially important for women to fight so against the bone disease osteoporosis, men also need calcium for bone health. should the current research indicates that seniors consume, ideally, at least 1,500 milligrams per day.
    * Protein: This is crucial to the health of older people. Protein sources that easy to create and digest are salmon, tuna and poultry. Fish has the added advantage that omega-3 fatty acids.
    * Antioxidants: The benefits of antioxidants are not disclosed, but everyone has to antioxidant-rich foods. Great sources of free radical fighting enzymes cranberries, blueberries, apples are Gala and artichokes.

      Artichokes best diets for elderly
    * Fiber: Since the digestive system of most seniors tend to slow down with age, are important dietary fiber for regularity. Fruits, vegetables and grains provide some ample servings of fiber.
    * Fluid: Water absorption is always necessary, but even more important as we age.

The MyPyramid food guide provides excellent information on creating the right diet for seniors. Best of all, it can be used to individualize the needs of each person, when used online at

While ensuring that they eat foods rich in certain nutrients, should also eliminate or reduce the seniors following their meals:

    * Sodium (salt): It is now noted that less than a teaspoon of salt per day are consumed. To compensate for this and other tasty foods and spices can be added to food during cooking. Most seniors are at greater risk for developing high blood pressure and fluid retention issues. High salt intake contributes to these conditions. Avoid pre-packaged food is a good way to restrict salt intake in the diet.
    * Oils and fats: Since activity in later life it is important to reduce the amount of fats and oils consumed reduced.
    Sugar *: Less sugar should be consumed as one ages. Excessive intake of sweets leads to obesity and connected all the myriad of diseases with obesity.

Most of the selection of foods should be easy to chew and swallow. This is wet in part because older people produce less saliva, the food, chewing is like us. The meals should be rich diet of the elderly since most are small amounts of food than reduce their appetite. Ultimately calls for the best diet for seniors on food, eating from the six major food groups.


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I agree with your post. Physical fitness is extremely important for all age groups, but especially for seniors. People say that they don't have time to exercise, but it honestly just takes 30 minutes out of the day. Great reminder of the importance of exercise in society.

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